Nutritional insights from the ground up.

Decipher’s seamless soil sampling process takes you all the way from planning through to results with a connected and easy-to-use system, including our free app DecipherGO.


Make your data work for you

Say goodbye to papers and spreadsheets and get organised with Decipher. Whether you’re starting with a little or a lot of nutrition data, with everything in one place Decipher will help you decode complex agricultural information into simple answers that you can easily put into action on your farm.

  • Overlay your own data and sampling results onto the Decipher map

  • Draw or import your own farm boundaries to see the most relevant data for you

  • Navigate with a familiar Google Maps base

  • Add your own notes, pins and boundary lines to your map

  • Easily manage data files from multiple sources

  • Share and collaborate on your data across your business and beyond

  • Supports KML, KMZ and Shape files

  • Up to 1GB data storage

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