Disruptive technology shakes the AgTech tree

Fresh from winning the international Award for Innovation and Commercialisation at the annual Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards, CSBP is winning recognition with its take on disruptive technology that is challenging traditional ideas of farming.

General Manager CSBP Fertilisers, Charlie Perkins, said he was delighted that CSBP’s leading edge web tool, FERTview, developed with Australian technology partners NGIS, had been announced a finalist for the WA Information Technology Telecommunications Alliance’s (WAITTA) Most Effective Platform Award along with its cousin, GreenPrecision, which was a finalist in the Most Disruptive Technology category.

“FERTview and GreenPrecision, combined with CSBP’s NUlogic nutritional modelling, give the power back to the famer to make informed decisions about paddock management, plant health and how much fertiliser is needed for optimal crop yield,” said Mr Perkins.

“The scale, compute power and delivery speed of relevant, precise agricultural intelligence makes GreenPrecision one of the most significant innovations in agriculture in the past year, delivered on a free and open website.”

Mr Perkins said the spatial mapping and vegetation analysis technology of GreenPrecision now underpins the biomass imagery layers in CSBP’s FERTview, an end to end product suite offering farmers and agronomists the ability to interpret detailed soil data, integrate in-season vegetation health with rainfall data and recommend optimal fertiliser rates.

“FERTview is fit-for-purpose crop nutrition technology that helps WA farmers make detailed and very specific decisions about their farm management in a simple and intuitive Google Maps interface, which is the key. This is complex, reliable technology in a simple to use application.”

Managing Director of NGIS Australia, Paul Farrell, said the NGIS-CSBP partnership worked well because both companies knew their customers well and knew what would help them.

“The FERTview and GreenPrecision products have been developed with a focus on innovation and user experience, with both representing a successful collaboration between our digital mapping expertise and the deep knowledge that CSBP possesses in the agriculture industry. Our brand is People Partnership Success and our work with CSBP really showcases this,” said Mr Farrell.

Fact file

  • FERTview has been available to CSBP’s WA fertiliser customers since late 2015
  • FERTview supports the viewing of over 100,000 paddocks digitally mapped covering almost6 million hectares of farmland in WA
  • For more on GreenPrecision go to greenprecision.com.au
  • Winners of the WAITTA Incite Awards will be announced on 16 June 2017


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