Collaboration innovation sensation at Kleenheat

Kleenheat has partnered with Murdoch University to provide final year Computer Science students with an opportunity to gain industry experience whilst working on exciting projects for the business.

The program commenced at the start of 2017, when the first cohort of students was tasked with designing an artificial intelligence chat bot.

The bot needed to be able to sign up natural gas and LPG customers, allow customers to order LPG cylinders, answer common customer queries around billing and do it all in multiple languages.

Kleenheat Digital Manager Chris Chapman said the students delivered an excellent product despite a challenging brief, with some students referred to the Human Resources department for potential employment upon graduation.

“After an initial kick-off meeting and then three catch-up sessions over the course of the 14-week semester, a prototype named ‘KleenBot’ was delivered by the student team,” said Mr Chapman.

“I was impressed by the work, especially the level of documentation and research they completed and supplied to us.

“The bot proved most requirements could be achieved, including being integrated with Twitter, Facebook and offering live chat possibilities.”

Now, a fresh group of third year Computer Science students is working on a brand new assignment – a prototype competitor intelligence gathering tool.

Murdoch University student Patrick Hobson, who’s been part of the second project, said he enjoyed working with the Kleenheat Digital team on what’s been a challenging assignment.

“I’ve been really happy with it, it’s definitely been a very good learning experience,” said Mr Hobson.

“It’s great to actually create a product for a company and Kleenheat has been really good at communicating their exact needs with us.”

Patrick’s team mate Wesley Toleman also noted that the experience of completing a project for a real client was invaluable for his development.

“It’s an interesting opportunity and it’s nice to be able to work on a real-world project, as opposed to most things where you’re given system requirements in such a way that only half of the submission is provided,” said Mr Toleman.

With only a few weeks to go until the end of another successful partnership with Murdoch University students, Kleenheat is looking to continue the program and explore opportunities to work with other universities.

“I’m really looking forward to uncovering talent, and proving that good people can make a big difference,” said Mr Chapman.

Kleenheat is part of Wesfamers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers, which has a proud tradition of supporting students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through a number of programs and initiatives focusing on the communities in which it operates.


Fact file

  • Kleenheat has partnered with Murdoch University to offer an opportunity to final year Computer Science students to gain industry experience.

  • The program commenced at the start of 2017, with the first project to build an artificial intelligence chat bot already complete.

  • With positive feedback from students, Kleenheat is looking to continue the program and explore opportunities to work with other universities.


Kleenheat is an energy solutions provider in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, retailing natural gas to residential and commercial markets, and electricity to businesses in WA.

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