Flexi-N helps farmers grow to their full potential

Flexi-N has come of age with close to three million tonnes of liquid fertiliser sold; enough to fill 909 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Following a trial with only six customers 18 years ago, Flexi-N was the first liquid nitrogen fertiliser for broadacre application on the market for WA. It now accounts for over half of CSBP’s total nitrogen sales with approximately 100 new farmers using the product every year.

CSBP Fertilisers General Manager, Charlie Perkins, said it was fantastic to supply a product that was relevant and beneficial to the farmer in many ways.

“What makes Flexi-N an attractive alternative to granules is that as a liquid it contains three forms of nitrogen: urea, ammonium and nitrate, with nitrate available immediately to the plant and a slower release of ammonium and urea,” he said. 

“The range of benefits include improving farming operations, with the product easier to handle and apply via boom-spray, compatibility with most agricultural chemicals plus, any unused product stays in perfect condition in safe on-farm storage.

Dalwallinu farmer, Keith Carter, was one of the early pioneers involved with full paddock testing, and said Flexi-N is an efficient way to feed the crop nitrogen.

“Flexi-N gives me the flexibility to apply nitrogen to the crop throughout the season as there is good uptake through the foliage when applied post emergent.

“Banding Flexi-N helps feed the crop and not the weeds. I also find it a great carrier for fungicide and advantageous with some herbicides,” he said.

CSBP Fertilisers recently partnered with Furrow Management Systems Australia (FMSA) to increase awareness of the advantages of banding Flexi-N and to assist growers in the change-over process.

“Banding Flexi-N improves nitrogen efficiency, and therefore seed germination. It is less toxic than urea and is very effective in high residue or weed burden areas. Banding provides growers with confidence of even and accurate distribution of the product, saving time and money,” said Mr Perkins.

“The partnership with FMSA demonstrates a collaborative effort with local suppliers for the farmers’ benefit.  FMSA is local and has an affordable, reliable and accurate system for Flexi-N application.”

Fact file

  • Banding allows even and accurate application of Flexi-N for improved seed germination and  nitrogen efficiency.

  • For more on Flexi-N visit www.csbp-fertilisers.com.au

  • FMSA is a WA-based technology, service and solution company. For more visit www.furrowmsa.com.au


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