Kleenheat's entry to natural gas market saves WA households thousands

Since turning on cheaper natural gas for West Australian households in March last year,
Kleenheat Gas has slashed natural gas costs for its residential customers to the collective tune
of around $400,000, with some individual customers saving more than $300 on their natural
gas bills to date.

But it’s not only WA households that are reaping the benefit of choice and competition in WA’s
retail natural gas market.

The company estimates that the hundreds of local small businesses that have got on board
with Kleenheat Gas natural gas since March will collectively save more than $1m in their first
year compared to the standard regulated business tariff.

Kleenheat Gas General Manager Natural Gas, Mark Gadsby said that as a WA company for
more than 55 years, Kleenheat was thrilled to be delivering choice, competition and real
savings to thousands of West Australians.

“When we announced our entry some 10 months ago, we estimated that our Monthly Smart
Saver discount of 10 per cent on the standard household price of natural gas could save some
families around $100 to $200 a year,” Mr Gadsby said.

“It’s great to see savings for some of our customers exceed this in less than 12 months.
“We expect these savings to grow even further thanks to our recent referral offer that’s already
seen some of our Monthly Smart Saver customers increase their discount on natural gas use
from 10 to 20 per cent.”

As the company approaches the first anniversary of its entry to the natural gas market, Mr
Gadsby said that Kleenheat was focussed on continuing to deliver great customer service and
even better value for its customers.

“Our people, processes and systems are performing very well and in a cost-efficient way, and
that’s important because it underpins our ability to offer great savings to our customers,” Mr
Gadsby said.

“Even more pleasing has been the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers, not
only about our pricing and the fact that we have brought choice to the market, but also about
their experience of the friendly and helpful customer service from our team here in Murdoch.
“Of course we’re always looking to increase the number of natural gas customers benefitting
with Kleenheat Gas, especially when a larger customer base will support our ability to offer
even better discounts to WA households. 

“Our Monthly Smart Saver is remains simple and easy – sign up on line and pay by direct debit.
There’s no fixed term and no tricks, just guaranteed savings from the regulated tariff.
“I’d encourage all West Australian natural gas customers to sign up and join the hordes of
customers already saving with Kleenheat Gas.”