CSBP is a major manufacturer and supplier of chemicalsfertilisers and related services to the mining, minerals processing, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Many of our products are essential inputs into a variety of Australian industries including broadacre agriculture, iron ore and coal mining, nickel and gold extraction, and construction. We also export some of our products to international markets.

Ammonia / Ammonium Nitrate / Industrial Chemicals

CSBP is one the largest suppliers of EGAN ammonium nitrate in the world, supplying ammonium nitrate in both porous prill and solution form. CSBP also manufactures and supplies ammonia and nitric acid.

By leveraging products we either use or procue in other operations, CSBP also supplies a range of bulk industrial chemicals to customers across Western Australia.

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CSBP Fertilisers

CSBP Fertilisers manufactures, imports and distributes nitrogen, phosphate and potassium based fertiliser in blended, compound and liquid form to the agricultural sector in WA. Our operations are supported by regional sales representatives, regional distribution centres, a metropolitan depot at Kwinana, and regional depots across WA, ensuring we have an extensive supply network.

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Head office - Kwinana
Kwinana Beach Road
PO Box 345
Kwinana WA 6966

Tel: +61 8 9411 8777
Emergency: 1800 093 333