Jonathan, Process Safety Advisor

What is a typical day for you?

A typical day consists of providing practical assistance to the various business units I support to aid them in meeting their Dangerous Goods and process safety compliance obligations. 

What opportunities have you taken in your time here?

During my time at WesCEF I have had the opportunity to participate in a number of industry training and development events as well as attaining qualifications as a lead auditor. I have also completed a fantastic internal leadership program.

What do you think has been instrumental to your success at WesCEF?

Instrumental to my success at WesCEF has been the opportunity to work with an incredibly skilled, knowledgeable and supportive team. My team has always  been willing to share the benefits of their knowledge and experience to help me progress in my role.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I most enjoy the variety my role affords. Providing support to the various business units has allowed me to operate across a wide range of regulatory and industry sectors including Major Hazards, Petroleum Pipelines, Dangerous Goods, Rail Safety and Gas Distribution. This variety has helped me to develop a well-rounded approach to the management of process safety and compliance within operations of varying size and complexity. 

What are the most challenging projects or issues you have worked on?

I have represented WesCEF in a number of industry and regulatory forums each presenting their own unique challenges. The skills I have learned in my time with WesCEF, specifically acting professionally and with integrity, have served me well in these interactions. 

How would you describe the support you get from your manager?

The support I have received from my manager has been fantastic. My manager has always taken a keen interest in my progress, and helping to ensure that I not only feel challenged, but also rewarded for the work I am doing. In addition to this, the open and friendly communication style that is prevalent throughout WesCEF, has meant that I have also had the support of others in the organisation as I continue to develop in my role.