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Applying for Sponsorship

We provide sponsorship support to a range of community organisations through either direct financial support or in-kind goods or services.

Our sponsorship criteria

We direct our sponsorship to support organisations that benefit the communities in which our businesses operate, focussing this support on four priority areas. These areas are:

  • Education and training - activities supporting the education, skill development, esteem and wellbeing of young people and children 
  • Community health and lifestyle - activities supporting community health, recreation and safety 
  • Environmental sustainability - activities supporting environmental projects directly impacting on the company‚Äôs environmental performance targets 
  • Agricultural sustainability - activities promoting the sustainable economic wellbeing of agricultural activities in areas associated with the fertiliser business

Please note that we do not sponsor individuals, and we will not enter tobacco, alcohol or drug-related sponsorships.

All requests for sponsorship must be submitted via this form at least six weeks prior to the start of sponsorship requested. Proposals received with a shorter lead time may not be considered.

Sponsorship application form

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